Sunday, February 3, 2008

A new adventure starts

Hello world!

Today we at Looping Media starts a new adventure. We are a spanish company that, since 1996, was working at the spanish internet market. Now we start working for english-spoken people with a new blogs network called Blogger 51.

Blogger 51 will be mostly a tematic video-blogs network. We'll search at Youtube for specific videos and post them at tematic blogs. This way, you'll don't need to go Youtube and search for videos. You know that Youtube videos are labeled by users, and it's usually that videos aren't so good as they appears by title and labels. But with Blogger 51 you go to each of our tematic blogs and you know you´ll find exactly that kind of videos, selected and posted for you everyday.

We start with 7 blogs:

- Funny Videos 51
- White House 51
- Football 51
- Basket 51
- Races 51
- Muscle 51
- Female Muscle 51

Well... I suposse you guess what are these blogs about.

By the way, take note that I am Diego M. Béjar, the Looping Media CEO, and my english is poor. Don't worry, I will not be writing at our blogs.

Just one thing more: As you can see, we use for our blogs. It isn't cool, it's not our own software at our own server but... what are you looking for? Content quality or a self hosted blogging software? All our effort is dedicated to quality content.

I hope you'll find usefull our blogs! At least, give us a chance...